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Dean Nielsen


Key Roles

Dean has a main responsibility over Hugh Sutherland School (HSS) Secondary (grades 7-12). Although this is his main responsibility, the administrative team at HSS works collaboratively to ensure the best education throughout the whole building. Dean's previous role as a Student Services Coordinator with Chinooks Edge School Division and a Learning Coach with Golden Hills School Division have helped him to make student learning a priority as he works with the HSS community (students, teachers, parents, Carstairs community, etc.).  

Dean has lived in Carstairs for many years and has taught most grades from 3-12 at Carbon and Dr. Elliott Schools in Golden Hills School Division. He has had division level roles withing Golden Hills and Chinooks Edge. Many people will know his wife, Siobhan Nielsen, who teaches at Carstairs Elementary School.  They have 4 children.  
He graduated with a BA in Psychology and History and has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary.  

Dean is always available to talk to and please feel free to contact him with any questions, concerns or compliments that you may have.