Grad 2019 Photo Info |

Grad 2019 Photo Info

When are Grad Photos this year?

The school has booked photos for FRIDAY MARCH 29 from 8:15 - 3:15 at Hugh Sutherland School… there will be 4 Cameras running at the same time in the West Gym.


When do we Sign Up for Grad Photos?

Book your appointment online at starting March 1, 2019

What times do the photos sessions run?

Photo sittings will be 8:15 – 3:15 to accommodate all grads. A new session will start every thirty minutes, so do not be late for your appointment, there will not be time to fit you in.

How long will I get to have my photos taken?

We have scheduled 45 minute sessions… 15 minutes to do paperwork and get ready and 30 minutes in front of the camera (8:15 appointment photos start at 8:30 etc) You sitting will consist of Casual Photos - Formal Photos with gown, and with gown and graduation cap

How much is the sitting fee?

Lifetouch charges a $40 sitting fee that will be collected at your sitting. This includes 8 - 10 Casual Proofs and 8 - 10 Formal Proofs with a large variety of poses and backgrounds... 

Actual grad photo packages have an additional cost.

Can anyone join me in my photos?

Due to the camera setup, Lifetouch can only allow one friend... larger groups can be taken on grad day. Carefully consider that, if you choose to have friend in your photos, you will have fewer photos of you alone. Pets are allowed, but you must bring someone to sit the animal while you get your photos taken, and must exit the building as soon as you are done.

Note: Friends from other schools MUST have clearance from the school.

What should I bring for the casual photos?

It is strongly recommended that you bring something that is important to you. For example, a sporting memento (B-ball, V-ball, rugby ball, championship trophy etc), musical instrument or gear (trumpet, guitar, ballet shoes etc). Be imaginative but, at the same time, this is optional.

What should I wear in the casual photos?

Fancy suits and dresses are not expected, nor required!! Formal clothing is typically worn at the Graduation Ceremonies in the spring, and photo opportunities will be available at that time. Casual clothing emphasizes comfort and personal expression.

What should I wear in the formal photos?

Your formal photos will be mostly a gown and a sash of the school colours. Light coloured shirts and blouses are recommended.

Men: Please wear a dress shirt, and tie that complements the school colors or neutral. You must bring your own, or borrow a tie if you don’t have one.

Ladies: Please have something that complements the gown and school colors as well. A V-neck blouse with a nice pendent or necklace is also nice

Will there be make-up for me to touch up my make-up or hair?

No, we do not provide a make-up artist. Be careful with your make-up... something too wild will really date your photos.

How early should I be for my appointment?

We suggest that you be 15 minutes early for your appointment to avoid feeling and looking flustered. This will give you time to fill-in the paperwork, get comfortable with the set up and make sure you are looking your best.

What if I miss my appointment?

Don’t!! Lifetouch will not be back to the school, you will need to go into the Calgary studio.

When will I get my proofs?

Your proofs will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after the final photo date.