Virtual Science Fair! |

Virtual Science Fair!


Gr. 5-12 Virtual Regional Science Fair

Official Registration Information


Registration is now open for the Central Alberta Regional Science Fair 

(CARSF), which will be held virtually on April 10, 2021. 

  1. Please check the CARSF website.  Students showcase science projects | CHAT News Today

  1. You can watch this YouTube presentation, which gives you step by step instructions on how to register for the fair. display board cartoon | Science fair projects, Middle school science fair  projects, Science fair board layout


3. You can go directly to to register for the fair. 


If you have any questions, please let Mrs. Sadek know 

Good luck to all participants! 




Virtual Science Fair Information


Due to COVID-19, our Science Fair will look different this year. Although the traditional Hugh Sutherland School Science Fair and the MSTS Science Fair (county fair in Olds) are cancelled, students will still have the opportunity to participate in a virtual Science Fair! 


Students in Grades 5-12 can participate in a virtual regional fair on April 10, 2021. The regional fair typically involves students first competing in a school-based fair, then a county fair (Olds), then the regional fair in Red Deer if they qualify. This year, students in Grades 5-12 will only participate in the regional fair. We are still awaiting more information, but we do know that students will create digital project boards (rather than the traditional trifold board) using a platform that will be provided to us shortly. Judging will take place online at predetermined times on April 10. 


Students in Grades 3-4 can participate in a mini virtual fair that the HSS Science Fair Committee is hosting on April 10, 2021. Students will have the choice to create a traditional trifold board or a Google Slides presentation. Judging will take place online at predetermined times on April 10. We are still working out the rest of the details, so stay tuned!


If your child is interested in participating in the virtual regional fair (Gr. 5-12) or the mini HSS virtual fair (Gr. 3-4), please fill out and sign the attached form. Students can hand in signed forms to their teachers. Once the Science Fair committee receives the signed form from the teacher, interested students will be given a booklet outlining ideas and guidelines to put together a successful project. 


It is important to read through the booklet and follow the guidelines, especially since the virtual fair format will be new to all of us. We will host meetings with students during lunch hours when we have more information to share. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Teri Sadek at 403-337-3326.