Little Caesars Fundraiser |

Little Caesars Fundraiser

HSS Music Association (HSSMA)



It’s time for our annual Little Caesars fundraiser.  We will be earning $6.00 with the sale of each kit sold.  A portion of this profit goes into the student’s individual point account.  For example, sell 2 kits and receive 3 point ($6); sell 20 kits and receive 30 points ($60).  Share the information below with your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends.  Our goal is for each student to sell 5 kits or more.

All orders must be entered and paid online.  We are unable to accept paper order forms and payments.

How to Order Your Pizza Kits Online:

Share this link with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Login or create an account.  Click “ship my order to the group” and start shopping and pay for your order.

Please make sure to include students name & grade under Seller during checkout.

All orders are shipped to us and will be distributed to students and their parents for delivery.

Dates to remember: 

11/18/20    Sale start date

11/28/20    All orders must be submitted and paid online

12/07/20    Delivery of Pizza Kits.  Pick up 3:30pm – 6:00pm. Location to be determined

All orders must be picked up by 6:00pm.  We will not be responsible for any kits remaining after this time as we do not have storage space for them.  Any products remaining at the end of the day will be donated to the HSS Concession.

Remember, if the products thaw, they can be refrozen once.

We are in need of volunteers on December 7th to assist with sorting & distributing orders.  If you are able to help, please let us know.

Questions:  Feel free to contact Patricia at 587-438-4697 with any questions.



As always, thank you for your continued support and participation!