Screens and Your Child |

Screens and Your Child



Schools are closed, activities and play dates are cancelled, and the children are at home. Parents are at home, busy during their day jobs. This is a perfect storm for increased screen time for children.


Consider these tips when weighting the pros and cons of increased screen time.


1. Stay away from shame: Don't shame others or yourself for allowing extra screen time. This is a unique and temporary situation. Sometimes screen time can act as a destresser in the home environment.


2.  Engage: You will want to be engaged in your child's screen time. Video chats with grandparents or friends can be good for everyone's mental health. Talk to your children about what they are watching or playing.


3.  Balance: Try to balance recreational screen time with a diversity of activities.


4.  Let the screen be a window:  In times of isolation screens can help children stay in touch with family and friends.