Grade 3/4 Floor Hockey Intramural




Team Sign-up

Feb 5 Tues

3A vs 3B


Feb 7 Thurs

4A vs 4B


Feb 12 Tues

3C vs 3D


Feb 14 Thurs

4C vs 4D


Feb 26 Tues

3A vs 3C


Feb 28 Thur

4/5 E vs 4B


Mar 5 Tues

3D vs 3B


Mar 7 Thurs

4A vs 4C


Mar 12 Tues

3A vs 3D


Mar 13 WED

4/5 E vs 4D


Mar 19 Tues

3B vs 3C


Mar 21 Thurs

4B vs 4C


Mar 26 Tues

4A vs 4D


Mar 28 Thurs

4/5 E vs 4A


Apr 2 Tues

4C vs 4D


Apr 4 Thurs

4C vs 4/5 E



Format: Round Robin

3 points for a win

1 point for a tie


Please have your students sign up to play.

Send students to the EAST GYM at 12:05 (3 minutes early).


  • Sportsmanship & Have Fun!!

  • Proper footwear ONLY.

  • Students may only play the ball, no body contact.

  • No Slap Shots

  • Sticks must be kept below waist height.