Welcome to the Learning Commons


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the Learning Commons! As the new Library Technician, I am just getting my feet wet but am excited about the year ahead! New flooring was put in over the summer holidays so the library is not quite back together but each day brings us closer.  I look forward to partnering with you in making the learning commons a safe and inspiring place for learning, growing, and collaborating. As outlined in The Vision for Library Learning Commons in Chinook’s Edge…

The Learning Commons will be a dynamic, collaborative environment for inquiry, with unlimited accessibility, where all learners are welcomed, engaged and supported in their personalized learning pursuits (Implementing Library Transformation: Creating a Learning Commons A Guide for Chinook’s Edge Schools May, 2013).

I welcome students and parents who might like to volunteer in the library!   Please feel free to pop in to talk about opportunities.  

How exciting to be a part of the team at Hugh Sutherland! I look forward to meeting each of you and hearing of your suggestions for the Learning Commons.  Happy Reading and have a terrific year!

Miss. Whitlow

Library Technician


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