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January 2020 Exam Schedule

Exam Stress

It’s what you do about it.

Stress is a normal part of life.  Some situations, like exams are more stressful than others.  It’s what you do about it that makes a difference to your well-being.

 Planning helps:

  1. Create a schedule.
  2. When are you at your best? Know the time of the day that you study best and plan to tackle your most difficult subjects.
  3. Your study space matters. No distractions.
  4. Prepare for the exam. It never hurts to ask your teacher for tips on preparing for the exam.
  5. Reward yourself. After a solid study session, reward yourself with some down time.  You earned it!
  6. Catch enough ZZZZZs.
  7. Less caffeine and eat.
  8. Don’t rush.  Running late will add to your sense of panic.
  9. Celebrate. Once you have written your exam don’t fret about what you may have done wrong. What’s done is done.