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Kari Wayne


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Hi, I am Kari Wayne and I am one of the five (yes, five!!) Grade 3 teachers this year.  It is my fourth year here at HSS and third year teaching on this amazing grade 3 team. In my teaching career I have taught almost every grade between Grade 1 and Grade 8 so I love my permanent home in Grade 3.  I feel lucky that my job is to be working with these little monkeys everyday.  They provide me with a lot of laughter and a lot of fun and they make my heart happy. 

I like to fill up my spare time with things I love to do.  I am an avid reader and will read anytime and anywhere I have a spare minute.  I am a music lover of many genres and listen to it whenever I can (including during class time when possible!), I am a musician and am learning to play the guitar and with that also comes an appreciation for my own humility when I realize I am never going to be good enough to be a professional guitar player.  I am a ridiculously avid concert goer and in this day and age this little habit might break the bank. I am a yogi and try to fit in at least 2, sometimes 3 classes per week and I have recently taken some yoga teacher training and look forward to beinging it into my classroom and the school. I am a traveller and look forward to many adventures in the near future.  Along with being a teacher, I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, a godmother, and an aunt and I appreciate and dedicate myself to all these roles in my life.